West Coast Wine Compliance Services

Coast-to-coast wine business services, we can travel to you, or simply call us for more information. We take on assignments as an outsource service or we contract with you to prepare and process in-house projects. Assignments can be long-term, short-term or one-time! 

Providing niche services to wineries, we specialize in document management, licensing and formation matters for the wine and hospitality industry.  Our list of services includes Direct-Ship compliance, Direct-to-Consumer compliance and business licensing. Compliance services are for new and existing wine businesses, winery startups, winemakers, vineyard owners, wholesalers, retailers, resorts, hotels, wine tasting bars, special wine events, overall corporate governance for wineries and wine-related businesses.

We can also help you stay organized with software and solutions.  Software and solutions are for data management, allocation and sales tracking, and licensing and reporting management.  Perfect for winemakers, winery owners, wine club, tasting rooms, or retail. Please view our Services page for software and solutions options that meet your needs!

In addition to servicing the wine industry, we can help you with legal assistant services for your corporation/company maintenance, due diligence and out-of-state licensing requirements for sole proprietors or corporate entities. *Please note we are not an attorney service and cannot give you legal advice. We do provide legal document prep and filing services upon request and at an affordable fee. For legal advice, please contact an attorney. 

The Request page will direct you to our contact info!

For a full list of services, please visit our Services page.



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