Out of State Shipping

Shipping Wine Direct From Winery To The Consumer State Requirements

Currently there are 45+ states allowing wineries to ship product directly to the consumer. It is typically required for the winery to apply for a state shipping license and pay a license fee in advance of any wine shipping.  The winery must be a TTB approved licensed winery.

Most states allow direct shipping or delivery, however, some states have special procedures and requirements and a few states strictly prohibit any shipping! 

Licensing requirements typically include specific forms, documents, registrations, annual compliance, sales and use tax, excise tax, sales tax and/or renewal fees to maintain your shipping permit.

Each state is different with respect to rules and regulations on shipping wine direct to consumer. One universal rule for your winery’s compliance organization is to always keep detailed records for all direct shipments, sales data and production data in order to comply with reporting requirements. 

Please check out the following link at the Wine Institute:  https://wineinstitute.org/our-work/compliance/dtc/  


Retailers Shipping Wine Direct To The Consumer Allowed in 13 States

Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Connecticut and the District of Columbia allow out-of-state retailers to ship direct to residents. Restrictions and rules are different in each state.

Some states do not require a license for retailers shipping direct to the consumer in these states, but there are some restrictions on the amount/volume of wine shipped or other requirements. There are also renewal procedures and fee schedules depending on the licensing state.