Retailer-To-Consumer Shipping


Retailers Shipping Wine Direct To The Consumer Allowed in 15 States

Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Connecticut and the District of Columbia allow out-of-state retailers to ship direct to residents. Restrictions and rules are different in each state.

California, Idaho and New Mexico are known as “reciprocal states” which means you can ship wine from any of these states into the other reciprocal states without obtaining a direct shipping permit/license. There are some limitations with reciprocity states.

Alaska, California, DC, Idaho and New Mexico do not require a license for retailers shipping direct to the consumer in these states, but there are some restrictions on the amount/volume of wine shipped.

Online retailers can ship product to the allowed states, but must obtain a license/permit and pay fees prior to shipping.  Specific restrictions, renewal procedures and fee schedules depend on the licensing state.